CTMI is an international Christian organisation bringing together leaders from various African countries and other parts of the world, united by the message of the cross.

This fundamental message must be proclaimed not only for the salvation of all men, but also for the sanctification of believers so that they can become more and more like Jesus. It breaks down the barriers of race, culture, and denomination, and unites the Body of Christ.

Over 40 years ago this vision for Africa was birthed in the heart of Miki Hardy. With the support of his wife Audrey and a team of brothers, CTMI came into being in 2001. Based on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, CTMI’s mission field now extends to the continent of Africa and beyond.

Division in the church and conflict within families are realities that many leaders face. They often have to deal with these challenges alone and are in need of spiritual support.

CTMI holds conferences to strengthen and equip Christian leaders through the Gospel. Inspired by the model of the New Testament, teams of ministers with different anointings are sent to visit local churches and meet with pastors desiring to further the relationship. We regularly receive testimonies of couples whose lives have been transformed, and churches that have been restored.

CTMI also spreads the Gospel by broadcasting on radio, TV and Internet and by distributing teaching materials in several languages.

Due to its expanding network, CTMI has created geographical hubs that are run by regional co-ordinators.

We invite you and your church to join us in this vision and experience the power and the blessing of the message of the cross.